Let them eat their Cake.


Hey you, yeah you! Trump supporters!
Listen up, don’t let any leftists around you see. They might catch on to this.
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No, having legal guns is not like having legal murder.


So after every mass shooting the same points come up without fail. Liberals push gun laws and (some of them) apologize for Islam.

And the same faulty logic and gotchas about anti-gun-control advocates.
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You might be a shitlord if…

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ll be honest there isn’t much of a good excuse, Just laziness and a preoccupation with a certain Fallout 4 DLC.

Instead of writing another rant or political piece, lets go with some humor.

You might be a shitlord if…

  1. If you think ‘whale hunting’ means milking tumblrite lolcows, you might be a shitlord.
  2. If you noticed ‘Toilet Seat Complexion’  sounds better than a poo complexion, you might be a shitlord. (Black Hitler)
  3. If you own more Trump hats than sports caps, you might be a shitlord.
  4. If you say ‘cuck’ more times in a day than a chicken in a week, you might be a shitlord.
  5. If people think you’re RPing an anthropomorphic frog, you might be a shitlord.
  6. If you go by your online alias to trigger libs IRL, you might be a shitlord.
  7. If Dylann Roof ‘could have been your son’, you’re definately a shitlord.
  8. If ‘gate’ is an acceptable suffix for any controversy, you might be a shitlord.
  9. If you have yellow fever just because western women aren’t traditional, you might be a shitlord.
  10. If your Waifu is not infact asian, but white, you’re definately a shitlord.
  11. If ‘intersectional’ is a type of couch, you might be a shitlord.
  12. If your gender designation is ‘goy’/’goyim’/’goyself’, you might be a shitlord.
  13. If you refer to your vlog or podcast as ‘the Shoah’, you might be a shitlord.
  14. If you’re unironically supporting a merchant for POTUS, you might be a shitlord.
  15. If your memes are danker than Colorado, you might be a shitlord.
  16. If your IQ is your greatest strength, you might be a shitlord.
  17. If Islam is the new communism, you might be a shitlord.
  18. If you believe the vast majority of people are sheep, you might be a shitlord.
  19. If you believe that most shitlords are also sheep, you’re definately a shitlord.
  20. If the podcast your listening to makes John McCain look like Elizabeth Warren, you might be a shitlord.

More will be added. Tweet #UMightBeAShitlord. Follow @YMBA_Shitlord for shitlord jokes and shitlord joke retweets.

Why the UK should leave the EU.

Disclaimer: I’m not a resident of the UK or any European nation, if you find that makes what I have to say invalid, then Sorry! Any fool with a working brain and access to the internet can get a basic understanding of economics and foreign politics. With that out of the way…

The United Kingdom should vote to leave. The European Union is an entity that is not only unnecessary, but also drains it’s member states and strips their autonomy. Continue reading

Cruzite Flight: A message to Libertarians.

Full disclosure: I’m not a Libertarian in the purest sense of the term. I’m in the right-libertarian sector of the political compass, but my positions vary on the spectrum. Libertarian is the closest description though.

republican flight

Shit! It’s Trump! Run!

Anyone who is paying attention to the Republican Primary election know that Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee after Cruz and Kasich dropped out. More interestingly, there’s a trend of #NeverTrump and Cruz holdouts burning their republican registration cards. This distinctly correlates to the surge in google searches for libertarianism. This surge has happened each election year then falls drastically, but the reaction has not been quite the same as it is now. Continue reading

The Transgender Bathroom Nontroversy


It’s been in the news, discussed everywhere. It’s sparked the creation of laws and protests from angry Liberals and Conservatives alike. It’s funny, all that over where to take a shit or piss. Which is generally not considered a topic of public conversation. Yet here I am writing about it. Continue reading

Examining the Washington Posts’ Top 5 Trump VP picks.

Original Article

5: Marco Rubio.
The Article mentions that Rubio could be an ambassador for
Trump to Cuban Americans (and Latino’s in general), and to the establishment. Rubio might offer a small asset or a small liability. The asset to Trumps appeal to Latino’s is probably negligible, except for Cuban Americans. The Liability is, well… Rubios’ stark contrast from trump. Rubio establishment grooming is quite evident. Domo Arigato Marco Roboto

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On the petition to suspend Social Justice cources in Universities part 2.

I meant to write this a few days ago, but my conception of this part changed a bit. Before I get started, Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be entirely neutral. I try to give the benefit of the doubt when I have no reason otherwise. Ultimately I don’t agree with the petition but there’s been little to no discussion that doesn’t involve petty bullshit. Closure and understanding is what we need but is in short supply. Continue reading

[Gloat Post]The Cruz ship is sinking like the Titanic.

It’s official. Trump has won all 5 states this round for the GOP nomination. Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland. There’s no question if Trump will be the nominee. The only question is- who will be the VP.

And if he could beat Hillary mad-dog Clinton (of course he will!) Hopefully she gets indicted. Trump V Sanders would be the race of the century.

My twitter feed is abuzz about Trump tonight, with a few disappointed remarks by others who rooted for the awkward star-trek villain look alike.



Now excuse me, I’ve got a Cruz missile to unload, in the bathroom.

On the Petition.. and Truth-ism. 1.5 of 2.

I noticed a common theme responding to the question of “Does Sargon’s petition advocate Censorship?” This post isn’t intended to cover the question, but a concerning response.


I’m not going to disagree with the emotional sentiment that far left Identitarian politics is harmful to society. There is a point I want to make though. Continue reading