On the Petition.. and Truth-ism. 1.5 of 2.

I noticed a common theme responding to the question of “Does Sargon’s petition advocate Censorship?” This post isn’t intended to cover the question, but a concerning response.


I’m not going to disagree with the emotional sentiment that far left Identitarian politics is harmful to society. There is a point I want to make though.

Objectivity. Objectivity, as I see it, is not a state but more of a goal. For man, the idea of being objective is like a dog chasing his own tail, never quite being able to grasp it fully. It’s impossible for intelligent thought to exist without contemplation or speculation. Some subjects are mostly the domain of hard data, others exist due to our ability to reason and theorize.


The error occurs when we stop chasing. It’s easier to assume we have the most objective perspective, that we have achieved objectivity and anything else is garbage. In science this creates bias. Likewise in the attitudes expressed in the first image, we see a fixation on ‘the truth’. ‘The Truth’, is only part of reality and often inflated. Sargon himself has discussed ideological lenses in a YouTube video. People who aren’t mindful of ideological lenses will look at an issue or subject and not learn anything new.

Science ‘fact’ and Philosophy ‘thought’ are used in tandem. Without facts we would have no direction, without thought we would have no way to interpret or organize the data. We are closer to objectivity when we realize our own subjectivity and bias.

GirlWritesWhat has a video that isn’t quite relatable to the drama, but it goes into this point. Link

Stay tuned for Part two. If you haven’t read part 1, here it is.
Part two is now here!

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