On the petition to suspend Social Justice Courses in universities. Part One of Two

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while. I started out by writing some cbeesy introductory posts that didn’t make the cut. But now is a good a time as any to write something. This particular topic has had quite a bit said already, but what the hell. Perhaps someone will find something I have to say unique, or at least a concise portrayal of the controversy.

This post comes in two parts. Part one will explain the petition, and why I won’t be signing it. Part two will be discussing some of the controversy.

Part 1: What is the petition about, and why wont I be signing it?

Youtuber Carl Benjamin, or Sargon of Akkad, started a petition on April 20th of 2016. The change.org petition is calling for ‘universities’ to suspend ‘social justice’ courses. The text in the petition uses a short, charged rant.

Social justice has become scientifically illiterate, logically unsound, deeply bigoted and openly supremacist. Social justice professors are indoctrinating young people into a pseudoscientific cult behind closed doors that is doing damage to their health, education and future.

Social justice has become a victim of its own good intentions and in the desperate attempt to make the world better for some it is creating a world better for none.  It has become another ideology fit only to pave the road to Hell, so it is time to turn around and choose another path that is concerned with reason, science and improving the lives of every human.
Link to ArchiveLink to the Petition

He attempts to make clear the goal of the petition.

To clarify, we are calling for the teaching of social justice courses in universities to be temporarily suspended.  What follows is up for debate, but as it stands now, social justice is causing far more harm than good and it must be halted and reassessed.

However, it’s not made clear what exactly a Social Justice course is in this petition. He had also said – but not informed in the petition – that this petition is more of a headcount. A tool to say to the campus “Look, so many people feel this way about Social Justice Courses.” Granted that would not save this petition, for a few reasons.

First, the tag “Social Justice” is not a universal identifier. Some universities may offer a degree in, or courses in Social Justice, just like some will have Fat Studies, or Black women’s Studies. Both could be understood to be in the realm of Social Justice, but don’t necessitate being in a category specifically called Social Justice by any university. Going after courses tagged with “Social Justice” would only effect a minority of these kind of courses. Even yet, Social Justice has a meaning before and beyond the liberal quagmire of white middle class social-Marxist thought. The term ‘Social Justice Warrior’ was used facetiously by critics of the far left, but has been adopted by the far left just as African Americans adopted the term ‘n*gger’ to decrease the effect that the label has. Keep in mind that ‘Social Justice Warrior’ is fairly new in online lexicon (Where as n*gger has been around since the Triassic period as far as the internet goes, or at least as long as thirteen year old trolls have been using the internet.) Social Justice, for some time, was synonymous with Civil Rights. ‘Social Justice’ is still used similarly today. Targeting and suspending “Social Justice” tagged Courses would be as effective a solution as drone strikes, or as feasible as twitter block-bots. Don’t throw away the western values baby with the muddy brown pestilential bathwater.

The petition also fails to address Seminars and Student unions, which are not as much under scrutiny as classes are. These are more likely sources of the shaming, paranoid fucknuttery and emotional junk-food associated with the far left. Students that participate in protests frequently do report having bad grades due to poor attendance. One would think that if universities were bent on creating regressive automatons that they would be compensated for their time. Remember that Melissa Click no longer teaches for the University of Missouri. People like Click can and do get their tenures revoked. It’s much more difficult to crack down on seminars and students.

Not that Universities should be telling students what they should or should not think or believe. This is the supposed premise behind the suspending of Social Justices courses. Few people, with exception to those that truly are indoctrinated, would disagree that universities should be a place of higher learning and critical thinking. Yes the idea of suspending or banning only ‘Social Justice’ labelled courses is not feasible, but it stands against the very notions of having a free marketplace of ideas. This is why I will not be signing the petition, and why I would encourage the same.

I will write the second part within the week, discussing my take on some of the fallout/drama from the petition.

I wrote out a bit of a tangential piece. 1.5 of 2Part two is here!


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