On the petition to suspend Social Justice cources in Universities part 2.

I meant to write this a few days ago, but my conception of this part changed a bit. Before I get started, Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be entirely neutral. I try to give the benefit of the doubt when I have no reason otherwise. Ultimately I don’t agree with the petition but there’s been little to no discussion that doesn’t involve petty bullshit. Closure and understanding is what we need but is in short supply. To start, I’d like to counterweight by saying it’s not all drama. I’d like to, but aside from some tame libertarian objections, The Amazing Atheist had a series of tweets that were replied with stupid “I can’t believe you” and similar replies after voicing his opinion.

The Amazing Atheist isn’t the only person to cause that reaction in Sargon fanboys.

The Fast Lane to No-Where

A YouTuber and Blogger by the moniker of Wooly Bumblebee and her husband Joe (or Mister Wooly Bee) have been under fire for criticizing the petition. A little backstory: This isn’t the first time there’s been tension. I’m not sure of my assessment of the first, so I wont comment on that. Wooly has been a bit of a controversial figure within the (and this is the best potential catch-all term I can think of) “Non-Feminist” sphere after her falling out with A Voice for Men (which I won’t get into for the same reason, and not to make this seem like an encyclopaedia dramatica piece. I’m providing these details for those that might have heard of Sargon, but not Wooly (Her YouTube channel has just under ten thousand subscribers at the time of writing.)(Edit: for those that want to know more. Link)

Wooly and Joe usually have live-streams a couple times a week. Often they are calling out people who come off stupid or bigoted. In this regard, it could be said that Wooly is the ‘good cop’ and Joe is the ‘bad cop’ (Given Joe’s more skeptical demeanor and naturally loud voice, though both of them can come off as acerbic or frank).

Soon after the petition went live, Wooly had made her opinion known.

She started a live stream on her YouTube channel and invited Sargon to come on. Initially she didn’t expect him to (the stream was on at 9pm EST, Sargon lives in the UK and stopped tweeting for a while.) However, Sargon did show up with Veeh (Without checking that it would be OK with Wooly.) This stream got out of hand with people talking over each other and telling others to shut up, despite Woolys’ attempts (even using some object as a gavel) to bring order.

The second stream was on Sargons’ channel and didn’t fare much better. In fact it was a bit shameful as there wasn’t any progress or understanding. It was either a barrage of questions faster than they could be answered (including hypotheticals. Nothing wrong with hypotheticals most times, but I’m starting to see Sea-Lioning as a possible legitimate thing.) Sargon kicked Wooly and Joe out of the stream before she had the chance to explain herself uninterrupted, and proceeded to put words in her mouth (” I think she thinks….”.) To be fair, Joe was also interrupting and taking the mic. (Wooly and Joe live together and use the same computer/microphone. When there’s one usually there’s the other.) After which she started up a “post-game” stream where she intended to explain her views, but got a bunch of reactionary fanboys in her chat.

Thing’s didn’t get much better over the next few days with twitter drama. Especially between Joe and another Youtuber named Vernaculis.

Potential for Sanity

Another Youtuber (Link Redacted**) and writer for The Ralph Retort that goes by the name ‘Feminist Flow’ (or Feminist Period) took up the task to hear and report on both sides, interviewing both Sargon and Wooly. He’s working on arranging another discussion with him as the mediator, with previously agreed upon ground rules. As far as I’ve heard Wooly has agreed to this. I’m not sure if Sargon has yet or not. Either way, I was hoping for something like this. To put the petty drama behind.


Hopefully this will be the last post I’ll have to write on this topic until its resolution. Again I feel I should state that I follow and respect both Sargon and Wooly. I don’t intend to come off cynical, but I respect them enough to be honest. Fanboys don’t do the best job keeping people honest.

~Wooly-Senpai. :p
PS: Don’t mind the purple highlight over ‘human’. The tweets a few days old so I cheated and used Control-F.


If you haven’t read it: part 1

Part 1.5 is a bit of a tangent, not specifically to do with the petition, but more of a reaction to comments that I found a bit concerning.

Also, I would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have. If you do have questions, I’ll try to answer them the best I can.


** Edit on May 2nd: Link redacted because the channel contains leaks of a private personal chat that was recorded without knowledge or consent of Wooly or the other members. Safe to say Feminist Flow will not be moderating any debates between Sargon and Wooly.

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