Examining the Washington Posts’ Top 5 Trump VP picks.

Original Article

5: Marco Rubio.
The Article mentions that Rubio could be an ambassador for
Trump to Cuban Americans (and Latino’s in general), and to the establishment. Rubio might offer a small asset or a small liability. The asset to Trumps appeal to Latino’s is probably negligible, except for Cuban Americans. The Liability is, well… Rubios’ stark contrast from trump. Rubio establishment grooming is quite evident. Domo Arigato Marco Roboto

4: John Kasich.
I was surprised to find Kasich at number 4 rather than the top two.
Kasich has received a lot of heat, along with Cruz, lately for attempting
to achieve a brokered convention, which would favor the more establishment
friendly Cruz or Kasich. Only for Cruz to backstab Kasich by denying the alliance. There’s
supposedly a leaked memo from a Cruz insider, however I’ve yet to find a MSM source on this (You decide if the leak lacks credibility, or if it’s MSM purposefully deciding not to report. If you find a reputable sources’ piece on this, let me know). This souring between Kasich and Cruz may be used to Trumps’ advantage. If Kasich is chosen to be Trumps’ running mate that would likely put an end to any ideas of a brokered convention, and Kasich would not be much of a liability. In fact, he could be an asset when it comes to relations with the establishment.

3: Joni Ernst. REEEEE
Really? Why not Sarah Palin? Someone has to keep an eye on Russia.
In all seriousness, not many people know who she is, and most that do just associates her with hog castration and guns. Ernst could draw in the straw-rednecks, if the straw-rednecks have any recollection of her. Not much of an asset in the general election where it’s the independent voters that matters most, especially when #NeverTrump and #HillaryForPrison camps are roughly equal in size.

2: Rick Scott.
I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Rick Scott. It’s not fair just to say that he couldn’t be a good pick just on lack of recognition. Especially given the description that the Washington post gave, and Trumps less orthodox campaign management, Rick Scott has a fair chance.

1: Chris Christie.
My first response was to simply write:
No. Nope. Nada. Nope.jpegI only see this working against him against independents in the general election.

Feel free to share what you think in the comments. A couple of these were a bit surprising. I think of all of them Kasich has the best case, followed by Rick Scott. What do you all think?

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