Cruzite Flight: A message to Libertarians.

Full disclosure: I’m not a Libertarian in the purest sense of the term. I’m in the right-libertarian sector of the political compass, but my positions vary on the spectrum. Libertarian is the closest description though.

republican flight

Shit! It’s Trump! Run!

Anyone who is paying attention to the Republican Primary election know that Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee after Cruz and Kasich dropped out. More interestingly, there’s a trend of #NeverTrump and Cruz holdouts burning their republican registration cards. This distinctly correlates to the surge in google searches for libertarianism. This surge has happened each election year then falls drastically, but the reaction has not been quite the same as it is now.
As large as the Libertarian Party is getting, it’s still largely misunderstood. While it’s good to advertise and educate, and if we are being optimistic then it’s possible that some of these individuals might learn a thing or two. I’m not quite optimistic enough to believe that will happen in any significant measure. My best bet is that these people only superficially understand libertarianism.

Ted Cruz is barely Goldwater-esque. If anything he’s to the right of Reagan. Most of the GOPe (GOP establishment) is or panders to the moralists and world-policers. To be fair, fiscally speaking, Cruz advocated for a reduction of government, however continues to support a more hands-on military and flogs the dead horses of nannying religious social mores. The only issue when it come’s to acknowledging any fiscally libertarian statements from Cruz is this:

  • There’s a saying that Both sides want to expand government in different ways. Government has always been expanding. It’s just that one side wants to invade your private affairs and the other your wallet.
  • Ted Cruz isn’t that unique from other Tax-Cut republicans. Yet the same republicans did little to shrink the government as a whole. On what faith is there that Ted would be  or have been any different?

While I would encourage helping others understand libertarianism, including the subcategories under the umbrella, I wouldn’t automatically assume that the #NeverTrump registration burners are actually libertarians or even well-informed on Cruzs’, Trumps’ or general libertarian positions.

I don’t begrudge people for not liking Trump, or anyone. Trump isn’t perfect but beyond the brashness there’s enough to understand that he would – at least – be potentially good for the interests of the working and middle classes (Perhaps with an experienced Vice President).

It’s slightly concerning that with an influx of right-wing ideology might confuse “libertarianism.” Fiscal Libertarian ideas would be conflated with the Tea Party or evangelicals, just like Feminism is now supposedly lock-step with Atheism or Skepticism. I don’t advocate for complete purity and there is always room for dialogue, but bullshit is bullshit.

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