Why the UK should leave the EU.

Disclaimer: I’m not a resident of the UK or any European nation, if you find that makes what I have to say invalid, then Sorry! Any fool with a working brain and access to the internet can get a basic understanding of economics and foreign politics. With that out of the way…

The United Kingdom should vote to leave. The European Union is an entity that is not only unnecessary, but also drains it’s member states and strips their autonomy.

Here’s a simple secret: Revanchism is dead on the continent of Europe except for Russia, for which there is NATO and other alliances. About NATO, a few EU members are not members of NATO, mostly of out neutrality. Swedish Defense Minister Karin Enstrom has argued that NATO membership is not necessary due to the EUs’ military agreement. I find it likely that if NATO member states were to leave the EU, the NATO abstainers may reconsider. Even then the EU and NATO is a formalized version of enlightened self-preservation. If not NATO, a solution will be found. A solution that doesn’t carry the red tape and economic leeches as the European Union. A solution that is equitable for all involved. I find it hard to believe that the EU dissolving would have the bear charging, especially with the Russian economy and NATO/U.S based security systems around Europe.

Trade may still be an issue, as it has been for Norway. The European market has regulation up the ass (or should I say arse?) thanks to the EU. David Cameron wants to remain a part of the unions so-called democracy. However the U.K is a large nation with more weight to throw around than Norway (Sorry Norwegians) and is a significant member of the European Union. Leaving the EU would be a serious threat to the EU more than the UK since it would embolden others to leave the EU in favor of independence or a more equitable partnership. Barack Obama has suggested that if the UK left the EU that there would not be trade between the UK and the States for a while. This is laughable. Not only do many Americans support a Brexit, but Obama is on his way out, likely to be replace with Trump. Not to mention that they don’t even work. Hell- Our sanctions on Iran meant diddly for American corporations.

The European Union is controlled by a bloated bureaucracy that is a drain on its member states. Unfettered immigration with little to no integration just for the cheap labor and feel good emotions linked to giving reparations because of the eternal sins of whitey. Merkel and the EU cares not about the welfare of immigrants, but only wants more of them. Instead of actually making some lives better where it counts (Which would be only taking in Syrians and Iraqis and actually integrating them instead of sticking them in shelters (designed to be temporary, but often used indefinitely) removed from society.) The EU has countless rules and regulations that strip its members and their citizens of freedom.

The EU is not democratic, but it is a quasi-moralist oligarchy where its members are strong-armed and regulated until they are screwed and blue. Vote Leave.

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