No, having legal guns is not like having legal murder.


So after every mass shooting the same points come up without fail. Liberals push gun laws and (some of them) apologize for Islam.

And the same faulty logic and gotchas about anti-gun-control advocates.
Just want to address this single childish and annoying ‘point’.

A Gun control advocate will paraphrase the argument that criminals do not care about the law, so why bother having it? Then they attack it by replacing gun laws with laws on murder. (Murderers will murder, so why have laws on murder?)

There’s a difference between violent (Murder, rape, assault) and non-violent crime (possession). There will always be a demand for goods, even if they are banned. Most liberal minded individuals and an increasing number of conservatives understand this when it applies to vices like drugs, sex, tobacco and alcohol. The same applies for Guns. I understand for some this sounds counter intuitive, since guns aren’t a vice, but I’ll explain. Guns are in a different category from vice. Lets call it ‘security’ along with door locks and alarm systems. It’s also a form of security against tyranny (AGC (anti-gun-control/anti-gun-ban) advocates often state that a ban on guns would result in a civil war.)

Having gun control would not stop someone who wanted to obtain one for violent purposes. Just like a vice, if someone is determined enough they will obtain it. Black markets exist to profit on demands that cannot be fulfilled legally. You aren’t going to stop people from committing acts of violence simply by relegating the supply and demand to the black market.

So why am I annoyed? I’m annoyed at morons that try to extend the argument to laws on murder. Technically no, murder laws do not stop murderers, just as drug laws do not stop people from using drugs. There’s a key difference between the kind of people that murder, and the kind of people that do drugs. Some do both, but that’s irrelevant. A drug user is not harming anyone but himself. Drug use (with the exception of date rape) is consensual. A person may or may not feel shame for drug use. Often this shame is a result of addictions affecting quality of life/relationships, or from peers. A murderer has a moral/ethical deficiency, typically not feeling shame until later. Most people aren’t the kind to kill or cause bodily harm to another except in self defense or very extreme circumstance. The vast majority of people are instinctively repulsed by the thought of murdering or seriously wounding someone, a law that forbids murder is not responsible for that. Laws against violent crimes exist so justice can be served. We know that if we kill someone we will go to prison for a very long time (and be put to death in some states). A just punishment requires a reason. No rational person is advocating legalizing murder. Legal guns is not the same as legal murder, you unbelievable buffoon.

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