Let them eat their Cake.


Hey you, yeah you! Trump supporters!
Listen up, don’t let any leftists around you see. They might catch on to this.

Trump won the election, to many peoples dismay, like Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks. Thunderf00t (and Cenk) are betting on an unprofitable salt mine. These prospectors are using poor data. To put it bluntly, we no longer live in the 90’s to late 00’s. Sure there are a few kooks out there, but the trope of the big bad evangelist looking for a witch hunt is just a trope. Nothing more than a boogeyman. This has nothing to do with the country ‘moving left’ or right for that matter. That axis is subjectively defined and is constantly shifting. There are individuals on both sides that are running on old data. There are people on the right that are homosexual, use marijuana or like black metal. Some are downright progressive in last decades terms. Both college marxists, and to a lesser degree ‘skeptics’ are using old data. It’s important to mention the cultural shift. People who want to ignore intelligent arguments for ‘right’ leaning positions will deny they exist, as if the pearl clutchers of the old right had not softened, gone silent, or most likely died already.

(I would put forth the argument that left/right is a ‘blue pill’ construct, but it’s useful enough for a largely blue pill world. Political affiliations and axii shift. Republicans were the original progressives. It isn’t unprecedented to say ‘we are the new right’)

Regarding the wall and the Affordable Care Act. To say he ‘backpedaled’ … well if you believe that, you’re probably not that enthusiastic about Trump, and it’s a safe bet you don’t have quite a grasp on the new rights’ general platform. To say he backpedaled implies that any remaining policy is just incrementalism at best. In fact, many Trump supports are quite pleased that he has taken a more realistic approach to his policy.

His cabinet has a mix of individuals from inside and outside the Beltway. Steve Bannon is his top advisor, and Reince Preibus is his chief of staff. Trump has the benefit of having a Republican majority House and Senate, however that does not on its own mean it’s smooth sailing. Trump is in the position where he has to bridge the traditional right with the new – populist – right. Neither to fully alienate either side. One of the themes of Trumps campaign is cooperation. From what we saw from his campaign, it’s unlikely that he would be so cowed by insiders as to throw away the ideas that got him elected. Unlike the cookie-cutter platitudes, emotional appeals and empty promises of Clinton or any other business-as-usual candidates; Trumps’ campaign was aggressive, energetic and with the community.

They didn’t get to have their cake. Might as well let them think they ate it. As of now, we have not been stumped. Whats the harm in a few lulz?

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