No, having legal guns is not like having legal murder.


So after every mass shooting the same points come up without fail. Liberals push gun laws and (some of them) apologize for Islam.

And the same faulty logic and gotchas about anti-gun-control advocates.
Just want to address this single childish and annoying ‘point’. Continue reading

[Gloat Post]The Cruz ship is sinking like the Titanic.

It’s official. Trump has won all 5 states this round for the GOP nomination. Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland. There’s no question if Trump will be the nominee. The only question is- who will be the VP.

And if he could beat Hillary mad-dog Clinton (of course he will!) Hopefully she gets indicted. Trump V Sanders would be the race of the century.

My twitter feed is abuzz about Trump tonight, with a few disappointed remarks by others who rooted for the awkward star-trek villain look alike.



Now excuse me, I’ve got a Cruz missile to unload, in the bathroom.

On the Petition.. and Truth-ism. 1.5 of 2.

I noticed a common theme responding to the question of “Does Sargon’s petition advocate Censorship?” This post isn’t intended to cover the question, but a concerning response.


I’m not going to disagree with the emotional sentiment that far left Identitarian politics is harmful to society. There is a point I want to make though. Continue reading