The Transgender Bathroom Nontroversy


It’s been in the news, discussed everywhere. It’s sparked the creation of laws and protests from angry Liberals and Conservatives alike. It’s funny, all that over where to take a shit or piss. Which is generally not considered a topic of public conversation. Yet here I am writing about it. Continue reading

On the Petition.. and Truth-ism. 1.5 of 2.

I noticed a common theme responding to the question of “Does Sargon’s petition advocate Censorship?” This post isn’t intended to cover the question, but a concerning response.


I’m not going to disagree with the emotional sentiment that far left Identitarian politics is harmful to society. There is a point I want to make though. Continue reading

On the petition to suspend Social Justice Courses in universities. Part One of Two

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while. I started out by writing some cbeesy introductory posts that didn’t make the cut. But now is a good a time as any to write something. This particular topic has had quite a bit said already, but what the hell. Perhaps someone will find something I have to say unique, or at least a concise portrayal of the controversy.

This post comes in two parts. Part one will explain the petition, and why I won’t be signing it. Part two will be discussing some of the controversy.

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