Let them eat their Cake.


Hey you, yeah you! Trump supporters!
Listen up, don’t let any leftists around you see. They might catch on to this.
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Cruzite Flight: A message to Libertarians.

Full disclosure: I’m not a Libertarian in the purest sense of the term. I’m in the right-libertarian sector of the political compass, but my positions vary on the spectrum. Libertarian is the closest description though.

republican flight

Shit! It’s Trump! Run!

Anyone who is paying attention to the Republican Primary election know that Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee after Cruz and Kasich dropped out. More interestingly, there’s a trend of #NeverTrump and Cruz holdouts burning their republican registration cards. This distinctly correlates to the surge in google searches for libertarianism. This surge has happened each election year then falls drastically, but the reaction has not been quite the same as it is now. Continue reading

Examining the Washington Posts’ Top 5 Trump VP picks.

Original Article

5: Marco Rubio.
The Article mentions that Rubio could be an ambassador for
Trump to Cuban Americans (and Latino’s in general), and to the establishment. Rubio might offer a small asset or a small liability. The asset to Trumps appeal to Latino’s is probably negligible, except for Cuban Americans. The Liability is, well… Rubios’ stark contrast from trump. Rubio establishment grooming is quite evident. Domo Arigato Marco Roboto

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[Gloat Post]The Cruz ship is sinking like the Titanic.

It’s official. Trump has won all 5 states this round for the GOP nomination. Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland. There’s no question if Trump will be the nominee. The only question is- who will be the VP.

And if he could beat Hillary mad-dog Clinton (of course he will!) Hopefully she gets indicted. Trump V Sanders would be the race of the century.

My twitter feed is abuzz about Trump tonight, with a few disappointed remarks by others who rooted for the awkward star-trek villain look alike.



Now excuse me, I’ve got a Cruz missile to unload, in the bathroom.